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Meet Our Team

 IMG_1978 Kyesia Green, Owner/ CEO

My name is Kyesia Green and I am a private money broker and one of the owners of K Group Real Estate Investing, LLC. As an independent private money broker my goal is to find you the best loan option to fund your investment properties. I want to help investors build wealth by giving them a chance of obtaining funding when traditional banking institutions wouldn’t.  Contact me if you have any questions about selling or funding your deals.

 IMG_1633Susie Green, Owner/ CEO

My name is Susie Green and I am co-owner of K Group Real Estate Investing LLC.  My goal is to help you to achieve your goals by investing in real estate across the nation.  We have partnered with private money lenders to accomplish these goals. Our team is dedicated not only to helping you obtain financing for your deals, but also we aspire to help rebuild and beautify the Atlanta and surrounding areas.