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What are Some Common Reasons to Sell?
  • structural issues
  • foreclosure
  • divorce
  • empty nest
  • death of a loved one
  • inheritance
  • loss of job
  • relocating jobs
Will you pay me for finding someone who wants to sell their home?
Yes, as long as we buy the house, we can give you a finder’s fee of $200
What are the loan terms?
Loan terms are located on our private money exchange site. Click HERE for more details.
What are your Lender Fees?
Lender fees are determined by our private money exchange site. All terms and conditions are located in the application. Click HERE for more details.
How Quickly Can I Get a Private Money Loan?

Typically, the loan process can take up to 2 weeks, but it all depends on how quickly you can get your paperwork to us.

There are five simple steps to getting your loan:

Step 1: Have your approved purchase and sale agreement ready and fill out our application

Step 2: We will order an appraisal and gather necessary documents including contractor bid from you

Step 3: We will use your After Repair Value and any other documents to finalize your loan numbers

Step 4: The underwriter will access risks and approve your deal

Step 5: Funding for your deal

Our typical timeline looks like this:

Appraisal: 5-7 days

Underwriting: 3 days

Funding: 1-2 days

How do you Determine your Offer Price?
We take careful consideration when determining what to offer you for your property. We look at the location, estimate the repairs needed, and look at the condition of the house to calculate a fair price that works for us and you.
Do you Charge a Fee to Visit my Home?
No, we do not charge anything to visit and inspect your home.
How do I Sell you my Home?

We have a 2 step process to selling your home


Contact Us

You can call, email, or fill out an application online.

Once we receive your information one of our home specialists will answer any questions you have and schedule a home visit when it is convenient for you.


Walk through of your home

One of our home buying specialists will do a walk through and quick inspection of your home. No need to worry about repairs. Once they are finished, they will answer anymore questions you have and make an offer. If you like the offer they will have you sign a sales agreement and schedule a closing date that works with your schedule.

What Does a Target Borrower Look Like?
In order to comply with state and federal laws you must be a valid existing US business entity, i.e. an LLC, corporation, partnership, trust, etc.

You cannot be an individual borrower, you MUST have a business name with an EIN number recognized by the IRS.

You must have a proven track record of paying your bills on time.

What Exactly Do You Do?
We find distressed properties and we renovate them for a profit. We also finance YOUR investment deals. So we are an independent private money brokering company. We bring real estate investors and private money institutions together. 
Can I get a loan even with bad credit?
Yes, even if your have bad credit you can still get a loan. When we check your credit we are not looking just at your credit score, we are checking for accountability. We want to understand your payment history.